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As an ecommerce store owner, you will have successfully grown a list of customers and subscribers (who are potential customers)…

Maintaining these lists is so important, especially when you consider how it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one!

You should be splitting your focus between building and maintaining your lists.

But how do you make sure your customers aren’t hitting that unsubscribe button?

1. Use double-optin

When a customer signs up to your newsletter, to your blog, or wherever else you have sign-up forms, try using double opt-in.

All this means is that your customers will receive an email from you asking to confirm their subscription.

If they don’t confirm, they won’t be added to your list – simple.

By adding that extra step into the confirmation process, you’re making sure only really qualified leads make it on to your list!

This means that you’ll see higher open rates and engagement rates.

Not only that, but confirmed subscribers are far less likely to hit the spam button on your email!

Check out this example from Macy’s…

Macy’s have made it really clear that they need to confirm their subscription to continue receiving emails…

And they even offer them an extra 15% off as an additional incentive!

However, you also need to be aware of the fact that they may forget to confirm their email!

There’s an easy way around this, and that is to make it clear on your sign-up thank you page that they need to head to their inbox to confirm their subscription!

Make this call-to-action really stand out, as they’ll usually only scan the page before leaving!

Ultimately, with double opt-in your customers are less likely to unsubscribe (unless you’re not delivering on what you’ve promised, or you’re bombarding them!)

2. optimise your unsubscribe page

Your customers have hit the unsubscribe button on one of your emails…

But that doesn’t have to mean goodbye!

You still have one chance to bring them back and that’s with your unsubscribe page.

This is a great opportunity for you to put your copywriting skills to use and make your customer feel bad for wanting to leave!

Tug on their heartstrings and treat it like a break-up.

You can also give them the option to manage their preferences, rather than unsubscribe fully.

Give them the choice of what lists they want to be included on, or how frequently they want to receive your emails.

Look at this unsubscribe page from J.Crew…

Just like them, you want to show your customers that it doesn’t have to be goodbye and they’ll hopefully stick around!

If all else fails, make sure you include a really simple checkbox survey to try and find out why they chose to unsubscribe.

This will help you avoid future unsubscribes for the same reasons!

3. segment your email list

We can’t stress the importance of this point enough!

If you’re not segmenting your email list, you are setting yourself up for failure.

How many times have you received emails that are not relevant to you or your interests, from the same company?

And, out of those times, how many lists have you unsubscribed from?

Even if you haven’t unsubscribed, you’ve probably deleted the emails or marked them as spam.

(Which can be even worse than an unsubscribe, because that kind of engagement can negatively affect sender reputation!)

You need to make sure your email list is segmented so that your customers are only receiving the emails that are relevant to them.

This should be done from the start, so when you are building your email list.

This will increase your open rates, engagement rates, and ultimately reduce the chance of them unsubscribing.

4. ask for feedback

A great way to get feedback from your customers is to include a link to a survey in your email sequences.

ASK them what they want to see more of (types of content, new products, anything else that’s relevant to what you’re selling)…

And give it to them.

You really need to sell the benefits of taking the survey to your customers.

Check out this survey email from AirBnB…

Let them know that it won’t take up much of their time, BUT it will really help you continue to provide them with the best value that you can.

The fact that you then provide them with what they’ve asked for will reduce the likelihood of them unsubscribing.

5. Don’t just sell

As an ecommerce store, the temptation to sell will always be there…and rightly so!

However, constantly selling to your email list could actually be damaging.

You also need to be adding value to the lives of your customers.

This is how you build a great relationship with them, that will get them coming back and purchasing rather than going elsewhere.

If you’ve asked for feedback (just as in the point above), you should know what your customers want.

Giving it to them shows that you’ve listened and that you care about what they want.

This will improve the relationship so that when they do receive that sales email…they’re more likely to act on it!

If you’re sending a good mixture of valuable content and relevant sales and promotions, your customers won’t feel as inclined to hit that unsubscribe button.

With a list of passionate customers and subscribers, you’ll want to keep them engaged and excited!

For more tailored advice, why not book a quick chat with us and we’ll guarantee to provide you with more ways to use email marketing to improve your bottom line!