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Did you know that almost 70% of shopping carts are abandoned?

That’s right, out of 100 potential customers, you could be losing 70!

We see it all too often…

You add items to your basket and either the busyness of life gets in the way, or something just stops you from hitting that ‘BUY NOW’ button.

So you leave your shopping cart to think about it, but you never return…

Maybe because you forgot you’d started the checkout process, or you had a few questions that you didn’t have time to find answers for.

That’s exactly what some of your customers are doing.

Did you know that around 3 out of 4 customers plan to return…only 8% actually do!!!

But by using abandoned cart emails, you can give those potential customers a gentle and friendly reminder, letting them know that they’ve left their basket behind.

And when 66% of cart conversion comes through email, it’s easy to see how not using abandoned cart emails is leaving revenue behind.

Don’t worry – if you’re not familiar with them, we’ve combined some good tips, tricks and examples to help you get the ball rolling with your cart abandonment sequence…


What is an abandoned cart email?

As we’ve already mentioned, an abandoned cart email is sent to a potential customer to remind them that they’ve left their basket behind.

And with an automated abandoned cart email sequence (yes, you can completely automate them with your email software), you can hit up every customer that doesn’t complete the checkout process.

In your email sequence, you should be including:

Email #1. What has you customer left behind? Let them know in the first email and provide a link back to their cart. You’ll also want to make sure that everything is okay and that there’s nothing stopping them from completing their purchase.

Email #2. Let your customer know that you’re still keeping their basket for them, but only for a limited time (make them worry that they’ll lose what they’d put in).

Email #3. Sometimes, you might like to send a final email telling them that their basket is about to expire, and give them a discount code for them to use if they purchase by a particular time.


What makes a good abandoned cart email?

We’ve selected a few of our favourites below, with a few tips that you might like to make a note of…


Not only are ASOS giving the details of the basket with a link back, but they’re also trying to handle any objections their customer may have…

Free delivery and easy returns!

Source: ometria.com

2. FarFetch

Creating urgency is a great tactic. FarFetch uses a timer in their email to show when a free delivery promotion runs out, to get their customer back to their basket!

Source: smartinsights.com

3. Jack Wills

A little bit of cross-selling from Jack Wills – not only are they reminding their customers about the items they’ve left behind, but they’re also suggesting more items they may like!

Source: reallygoodemails.com

4. Loft

This is a really simple abandoned cart email, but they’re injecting in a bit of FOMO! If their customer doesn’t checkout quickly…they’ll lose their items!

Source: ometria.com

5. Bonobos

Bonobos are offering new customers a discount off their first order – this is something you can test, to see whether it further increases the number of customers returning to their carts!

Source: reallygoodemails.com

6. Jo Malone

Jo Malone offer their customers a bit of support, just in case they are coming across any issues!

They also offer complimentary samples with their orders, which is a nice touch!

Source: freshrelevance.com

So now you’ve seen a few good examples, what should you really be including?


Tips for top performing abandoned cart emails

  • Strike while the iron is hot! You’ll want to send the first email after an hour, when it’ll still be fresh in your customer’s mind, and the second and third emails within the next 48 hours.
  • Attention-grabbing subject line! This is the first thing they’ll see – so make it eye-catching to get them opening the email.
  • Make it personal! The email copy should always speak to the customer. And don’t forget to address it to them – “Hi [first name]”.
  • Keep it simple! You don’t want to overwhelm your customers, especially if they’re yet to make a purchase, but you want to remind them that they’re valued.
  • Compulsive call to action! Make the ‘return to basket’ button bold and enticing to get them back into your store.
  • Is there anything you can help with? Include customer service contact details and let them know that you’re there to help, if they have any questions at all.


Are you leaving revenue behind?

If you’re not using abandoned cart emails, then the simple answer is….

Yes. You are leaving revenue behind.

Using cart abandonment emails is a really easy way for you to increase your revenue, using the people already on your database.

So what better place to start!

And if you need a helping hand (don’t worry, nobody is judging), we can give you exactly that!

We’re experts in ecommerce email marketing and can do all of the hard work for you, so that you can watch those extra sales roll in.

If you’re interested (and we hope you are), why not see how we can help you get the most out of email marketing by booking a quick chat with us?